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12-07-2018, 20:00

Genleman is undoubtedly the most popular and respected reggae performer in Europe. His career has lasted over 20 years, and he owes great popularity to both albums and fantastic concerts. He sings in English or in Patois - a Creole dialect used in Jamaica, where he made his first stage steps. He sings about peace, love, hope and the reality that surrounds him. Its universal message goes to fans all over the world, and in Poland it also has a lot of devoted fans.
He was born in Osnabrück, but he made his first stage steps in Jamaica, where he left as a seventeen-year-old. Fascinated by Bob Marley's music and Caribbean culture, after returning to Germany, he collaborated with the Freundeskreis band, followed by the hip-hop-reggae collective Silly Walks Movement.
His career gained momentum after the debut album "Trodin On" (1999), which drew the attention of critics and caused interest in the artist throughout Europe. The next album "Journey to Jah" consolidated the growing position of Gentleman, whose songs "Dem Gone" and "Leave Us Alone" entered the canon of popular music.
In 2015, the album "MTV Unplugged" was released on the market, which opened a new chapter in his career. In turn, "Symphonical" is a project that combines reggae music with the sound of a classical orchestra.
Gentleman also appeared in the documentary Journey to Jah, in which, together with another artist from Europe, Italian Alboros, they talk about their creativity and life in the Caribbean.
The artist's last album is entitled "The Selection" and contains the greatest hits of the last 20 years and eight albums that have mostly achieved platinum status. The songs from this album will be heard at a concert in Szczecin, so it will be the real The Best of Gentleman!
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