The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices feat. Lisa Gerrard

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12-06-2019, 20:00

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The main idea of ​​the album "BooCheeMish" was a combination of unique voices - choristers from The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices, genius vocalist Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) and world champion beatbox - SkilleRa.
The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices is the most famous Bulgarian choir honored with the most important musical awards in the world, including Grammy award. The starting point of their latest album was Bulgarian folklore, one of the oldest musical traditions in Europe with over 1,000 years of history. Traditional songs inspired by everyday life and people's rituals. The uniqueness of singing and voices expressing deep human emotions are the most characteristic elements of Bulgarian folklore. Each of the choir members comes from a different region of Bulgaria and has a unique voice color. Their combination in the polyphony of the choir creates a magical, unforgettable sound.
Lisa Gerrard is a unique, gifted vocalist. Over the years of her musical career, under the influence of various musical traditions, she has developed a unique style of singing. One of her main inspirations was the traditional Bulgarian style of singing. Avoiding a simple imitation, Lisa Gerrard found her own musical interpretation and composed music on this basis. The singer has created her own musical language by singing without using words. It is based on the assumption that the human voice itself is the most authentic and deep expression of emotion. This form of singing creates an absolutely unique atmosphere during concerts. Lisa Gerrard's musical collaboration with the Bulgarian choir resulted in a unique, almost organic sound.
SkilleR is the Beatbox World Champion from 2012. In recent years, his musical undertakings have been aimed at raising the beatbox to the rank of vocal art. It is a musical road whose directions have been set by such great singers as Bobby McFerrin. Using his own voice to create rhythms and sounds, SkilleR participated in many musical undertakings referring to various musical traditions. In the project "BooCheeMish" uses its unique voice capabilities to strengthen traditional Bulgarian rhythms. Together with Lisa Gerrard and the vocalists of the choir, they create a unique atmosphere and a magical concert on stage.
The "BooCheeMish" concert is a musical journey in which we will be accompanied not only by voices, but also by the sounds of traditional instruments, including gadulka, tambura and kaval.
The concert program consists of Lisa Gerrard's music with the accompaniment of the band, Skill and choir, traditional songs performed by the choir, and special compositions in the co-execution of Lisa Gerrard and the choir. The composer and conductor Petar Dudakov is the author of the arrangement and original compositions.

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