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She attracted attention in 2004 with an amazing album: Di Korpu Ku Alma.  Following in the footsteps of her great elder Cesaria Evora, Lura, the most cosmopolitan of all Cape Verdean artists, is a rising star on the international music scene. The Portuguese-speaking, sun-tanned beauty with the dazzling smile and devastating dance-steps started to sing in her teens, to the rhythms of the islands, the sound of Portuguese pop music, the beats of the African communities in Lisbon and the passion of American soul music. It all came so naturally that there was not much time to think about it then. Now, at 31, there is no need to think about it either, knowing as she does that she is and always will be a singer.

Watching her wander softly through the dunes at Sal or the stone-paved streets of Santa Maria or walk on the pier among fishermen, her ebony-black eyes gazing out at the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean, one understands the true essence of her beauty, so immediate, so warm. She walks and sings with the same innate grace. At 17, for fun, she sang background vocals for Juka, a zouk artist from Sao Tomé & Principe.  Her singing and dancing soon stole the show.

Upcoming concerts

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Past concerts

  • 03.09.2010, Sosnowiec,lura
  • 20.09.2009, Wrocław,Lura
  • 05.07.2009, Zagrzeb (Chorwacja),Lura
  • 03.07.2009, Dubrownik (Chorwacja),Lura
  • 19.06.2009, Białystok,Lura
  • 25.01.2009, Gdańsk,Lura
  • 27.09.2008, Kielce,Lura
  • 29.04.2008, Warszawa, Sala Kongresowa PKiN,Lura
  • 28.04.2008, Poznań,Lura
  • 17.09.2007, Wrocław,Lura
  • 16.09.2007, Zamek w Szczecinie, Szczecin Music Fest 2007,Lura

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